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Company Legacy

The Story

Although Starr Electric Company opened its doors in 1946, the history of the company’s founding dates back much further.



It began in 1911, with John Henry Starr Sr., George Smith, and Fred Racket, when they formed a partnership and opened, “Macon Electric Co.”


In 1940, John Henry Starr went into business with Lamar Brown and formed Brown Starr Electric Co. In order to complete the larger government contracts, the new company quickly entered a joint venture with a competitor and the Eves Brown Starr Electric Co. was formed. The joint venture dissolved after the large project was completed and the former name of Brown Starr Electric Co. was reinstated.


Six years later, Brown Starr Electric Co. dissolved as the two owners decided to separate. Brown continued as Brown &Sons and John Henry Starr officially founded Starr Electric Co. in July of 1946 as a union partnership.

Starr Electric has since changed from a corporation to an LLC.

Joe Starr is the current president of Starr Electrical Contractors with partners Mark Allen and Troy Mann.

The three remain true to Starr Electric Co.'s three main principles of service, quality, and pricing.

To verify if they are still holding true to these three principles, click Services to find out for yourself or check out these Testimonials to hear what past customers have to say.

Current Partners

Current Partners


Joseph Starr

1982 - Present

Worked as an electrician for 5 years before finishing Estimating School in 1982 and became Partner


Mark Allen

2014 - Present

Worked with the company 10 years as an electrician, project manager, and then estimator before becoming partner in 2014.


Troy Mann

2015 - Present

Worked in the service department before becoming a project manager and estimator in 2015 and partner in 2016



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