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In 1911, John Henry Starr Sr., George Smith, and Fred Racket, formed a partnership and opened; ‘Macon Electric Co.” They did well, but in 1929, John Henry Starr discovered he had tuberculosis and had to go to a rest home for his recovery.

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When he was able to work again, he went into business with Lamar Brown, under the name of “Brown Starr Electric Co.” which sold and repaired refrigeration, heating, equipment, washing machines and any other appliances. In 1940, the government decided to reopen an army base in Macon named, Camp Wheeler after the Pearl Harbor attack construction work on the base increased. Since “Brown Starr did not have the financial ability to handle this size job, they formed a “joint venture”, with a fellow competitor “Eves Electric Co.” and signed the “Camp Wheeler” Contract under the name of “ Eves Brown Starr Electric Co.”. Since this was government controlled it had to be all union labor; this is when the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) started in Macon. Meanwhile “Brown Starr Electric Co.” continued their normal operation; but their electricians were forced to join the IBEW, while the other craftsman remained non union. After “Camp Wheeler” was completed the “joint venture” dissolved.

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In 1946, Brown Starr Electric Co. signed a contract, with R.H. Smalling, General Contractor, to build a new building for J.C. Penny Co. on 3rd Street in Macon. Once the footings and foundations were in place, it was time to install the under floor conduits, but the IBEW demanded, all employees of Brown Starr Electric Co.” become members of IBEW, or they would put a “picket line” on the Penny job, this stopped all work. Mr. Brown refused to make his nonunion workers join IBEW. To resolve the problem, they decided to separate, so Mr. Brown continued as “Brown & Sons”, and remained nonunion. Francis and John Henry Starr started “Starr Electric Co.” in July 1946 as a union partnership, and completed the J.C. Penny contract. Starr Electric Co. was incorporated in 1947.

John Henry Starr Jr. joined the company in 1957. John Henry Starr Sr. retired in 1973 and both Francis and Henry Starr were partners at this time. Joseph Starr worked for Starr Electric in the summers and holidays from 1968 thru 1972. He started work full time in 1973 as an apprentice electrician. He completed his training in 1977. He worked in the field as an electrician until 1980. In 1980 he was moved to the office to estimate jobs, do billing, job costing etc. In 1981 John Henry Starr Jr. retired and Joseph Starr and Ernest McWilliams became partners with Francis Starr. In 1987 Francis Starr retired and Joseph Starr and Ernest McWilliams became partners. In 1995 Ernest McWilliams retired and Joseph Starr became the sole owner.

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